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All the Wicked Dolls

Orphan Roman Stanley enjoyed a sheltered life in the sleepy town of Wiscot in northern England . . . but his seventeenth birthday spells the end of the life he once knew. Roman and his twin sister, Olivia, have now reached adulthood and it is time for them to claim from the Inferno, the gift that will define them forever more. 

Being a boy, Roman had anticipated lesser abilities, and when he awakens from the ceremony, he’s shocked to discover the nature of his endowment: mastery over the weather. This revelation sends shockwaves across the family . . . and beyond—all the way to London where resides the ancient Synod, the ruling body of Witches who won’t permit such power.    

Following a surprise attack, death drives the Stanley’s straight into the arms of the Synod, and the glamorous yet treacherous life of the ruling families. 

Navigating the Synod’s labyrinth, Roman will need to overcome deceit and inner darkness if he wishes to save himself and those he loves. As the saying goes: all power corrupts, but will it corrupt him?

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