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Book One is Ready!

Considering I initially started writing this book in January this year, it seems crazy that I can finally say it's ready now.

It's been drafted countless times, it has been through a developmental edit with Paul Ryan (he is fantastic), it has been given to beta readers for feedback the list goes on but finally enough was enough and it was sent to a copy editor. Shout out to Susan Keillor who was my copy editor, she is amazing and has really helped me get the book to exactly where it needs to be.

I am very thankful that I bought the Vellum software, at first given its price I was a bit sceptical but I can honestly say it's really good and I got all my formatting over so quickly!

The files are all prepared, uploaded into the KDP and now I am just waiting on proof copies so I can see whether the matte or the glossy cover is going to look the best.

I can't wait to physically get my hands on a copy!


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