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Social Media Thinking

In between all the writing something that is constantly pushed into us as author, especially indie authors, is building your online presence.

Having the social media in place so that you can interact with your readers, engage with people, promote your own books and agenda and basically act as a full time social media/marketing manager as well as being an author, and for a lot of us, having a normal full time job to manage around all of this.

I'll be honest I have been very stop start - even with blog posts on this site I haven't been as good as I could be with them. I'm frantically now trying to sort that out, but in the midst of trying to release one book, and finish another book, and start a novella time just runs away with you.

The point is not to beat yourself up about it. My website, blog, Instagram and Facebook page will all be here tomorrow and the next day, and the next one after that, there is no need to rush anything or feel that you have to do everything at once.

I've been working really hard on my Instagram, but since the introduction of Reels and hitting 900 followers, it was almost overnight my interactions, engagement, reach and virtually everything else is massively down and it's really frustrated me!

I think the trick is not to over do it, you don't want to burn yourself out with your day job and then do the same with what you are chasing as your dream!

- Ben

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